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Car flags are ideal for: Car Flag Of United State

  • Election campaigns
  • Advertisement
  • Sports teams
  • Independence days
  • Special Events/Holidays

And much, much more. . .

The Car Flag can be easily attached to any window of the car by closing the window on the clip at the bottom of the plastic pole.
Once the window is closed, no outside air can get into the car.
The Car Flag is of high quality. In particular, it can withstand strong wind and rain even at high speed driving.
All designs can be manufactured.
Upon special request we can change the shape of the Car Flag.

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Car Flag Of Puerto-Rico


Mvc-013f.jpg (56094 bytes) The pole is 17'' tall.
The pole is made of flexible plastic(*) so that it will not break even at high speed driving. There are 8 injection points in the mold.
There are two spikes located 8'' from the base. The spikes hold the Flag in place. At the base of the pole there is a clip which easily attaches to the window.

(*) We also offer an 21'' unbreakable stiff pole.

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Mvc-008f.jpg (49459 bytes) The clip is part of the pole, located at the poles base.
The clip is used to attach the pole to the window.
The clip is easily clipped on the window because of its flexibility..
The shape of the clip is made, so that it fits into the rubber frame of the window letting the window tightly close on the clip, holding the Car Flag in place.

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spike.jpg (95565 bytes) The functionality of the spikes is to hold the Car Flag in place.
Once the pole is inserted on to the sleeve the spikes are inserted into the fabric. The spikes keep the flag firmly from moving..

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sleeve5.jpg (44126 bytes) The sleeve is double stitched on the side and on the top.
The size of the sleeve is manufactured at a proportional size, so that the pole will fit perfectly.

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stitch2.jpg (66819 bytes) The Car Flag is double stitched all around. This is one of the most important factors of the Car Flag. It makes the flag more resistant to
outside factors.
In order to meet the A.G.A.S. standard quality, all our Car Flags are, by
default, double stitched. This makes our Car Flag to be of very high quality.

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